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Evil Dead: The Musical

Southern Illinois University - 2019

Assistant Technical Director

Director: J. Thomas Kidd

Scenic Designer: Tori Evans

Lighting Designer: Mark Varns

Costume Designer: Jessica Rigdon 

Technical Director: Jeff Richardson


Photo: Jessica Rigdon


Photo: Jessica Rigdon

ash is a badass.JPG

Photo: Jessica Rigdon

Its time.JPG

Photo: Jessica Rigdon

EVD.Full.Stage (2).png
Blood Effects Anchor

The Blood Effects

The blood effects for Evil Dead were created using a variety of methods. The main item that was used was a car windshield washer motor system. We used three of these motors installed throughout the set. Each station had an easy access bottom for performers to use during the run.  In addition to the windshield washer motors we implemented Hudson Sprayers and a pound fountain pump. 


Wall Mounted Unit

Photo: Nate Mohlman


Door Mounted Unit

Photo: Nate Mohlman

One of the motors was installed in a mobile bench unit that was hooked up to a two-way value which provided the actors some flexibility within the system to strike the splatter zone with the blood effects.


Photo: Nate Mohlman

Bench Mounted Unit

Geyser Effect

Testing of the blood geyser effect on set. A submergible pump was utilized to accomplish the effect with accuracy and repeatability. With the application of a hose and nozzle we were able to adjust the height and scope of the action. 

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